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Carpet is still the #1 floorcovering product in the world. The high-tech manufacturing process ensures that measured by square foot it is the most cost effective floorcovering solution especially when installation cost or total cost is calculated.

Unfortunately, carpet has acquired a reputation for not performing via maintenance and retention of the new look. Blame the industry for making dirt cheap polyester and polyproplene carpet and over promising. If you buy from us that will not happen.

Nylon is the Gold Standard. If you purchase a polyester then you must make sure the construction of the product is correct. Tight, dense, and low to the ground with a good twist.

Carpet, unlike the other floorcovering products, is difficult to show online due to it being a three-dimensional product defined as having length, breadth, and depth.

A popular method of selecting your carpet is to simply go to your local big box store or local flooring store and select the carpet that you want to install. Once you have selected the style and color, make a note of it and return to our website and Request a Quote from us to save substantially on those retail prices. It’s easy and will likely be well worth the minimum extra bit of work.

Many customers request a quote via our chat box online with style name of product, amount of material you will be ordering, and contact information if you a looking for a better price.

If you are unsure what you are looking for contact us. We stock a substantial amount of carpet and can always send you a cutting. Or just come to our warehouse located at 3052 Dug Gap Rd, Dalton GA 30722.